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Ideas for your new Domain Names

To purchase a domain name means to register the domain at an official domain registrar so 'buy' some good domain names. If you are in a hurry use these domain registrars - they offer your the lowest prices and I have registrered (baught) really many domains at these domain registrars:

New Website - Registrar of domain names

Direct Nic Domain registration

Just work on with these and your own ideas (see further down the page).

You can register names up to 63 characters - earlier it was only up to 22 characters. These numbers include the extentions .com or .net or .org.

Dot com names have the highest economic potential, and the highest status. But .net and .org can also be worthwhile to consider. But for reselling they will not reach the sky high prices possible for .com domain names as the market looks like now.

When you leave 4 characters for the .com you have a maximum of 59 characters to play with.

If your business has a long name it is urgent time to register that name in full length. To write like www.TheBigBusinessInVancouver.com is a way to make the domain name more readable. A domain name is not case sensitive, so you can print it in the way it looks best.

Think also of registering catchy phrases of interest for your customers. This is possible now.

If you already have the right business name as your domain name you should consider to register a number of domain names which can serve as leads to your main website. In other words you should find out which keywords are the most important for your customers to find your main website. Combine the key words like in the most common combinations searched for by your visitors. This is a VERY INEXPENSIVE way to advertise your business on the Internet.

You can register up to a sequence of 59 characters of keywords, but we recommend you to start registering just up to 30 characters. If you come up with much shorter domain names, register them immediately, if they have your own interest or a commercial potential for others. They disappear like dew in the morning sun in these days.

If possible put the keywords in meaningful connections.

Register the keywords in two ways: with hyphens between, and without. The search engines seem to have different preferences.

In your promotional material you will probably not use them at all, but for your ranking in the search engines they can have a value as gold for generating traffic to your main site. To have the benefit from them you need to set up entry websites with these keyword domains to lead the traffic. It is possible to use free web space for this function.

First and foremost you need to register the domain names now, or you will be unhappy with yourself later.

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If you need ideas how to combine words in creative ways, without just lining up keywords, take a look at the table below.

If you need to know what people are using as search words, take a look on the last month searches ot GoTo.com HERE


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