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Now with even more: 1,500 GB Disk Space and 15,000 GB/mo Bandwidth, 1 FREE domain and Multi Domain Hosting of all your websites - Time sensitive bargain


Web hosting provider New Website

New Website is an expert in multiple domain web hosting.

You can host as many websites and domains at New Website as you want. The limitation is in the amount of web space you have available and the amount of traffic that are a part of the account.

The cheapest plan with unlimited number of hosted websites is just $9.99 and with 2 GB of server space - this is really a lot. And no set-up fee. Other plans give more server space and traffic allowance, still at very competitive prices. In fact I haven't seen a better possibility at all.

I have the present website www.DomainRegistrationHosting.net hosted at New Website together with 200 more of my websites.

This web hosting option works fine if you own many smaller websites without too big amounts of graphics.

For real big websites with lots of graphics and traffic and with a great business potential I recommend the Site Build It solution.

If you just have one website in mind of this kind (I run two!) and have it hosted at the Site Build It Solution all your activities will benefit from it. - But you have to study the details of this statement to understand the full potential - take your time, it took me some time to understand the whole pciture, but it really works unbelieveable well. I give you the web hosting info here.

Soren Breiting


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