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Tips to register good domains in time

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Register a good domain name, before it is too late

Thousands of new domain names are registered every day. Search the box here:

The small registration fee is nothing compared to the benefit it gives you to have your own top level domain name. If you find out later, that you do not need it, you can easily sell a good domain name and even make a profit out of it.

In the beginning it was only possible to register domain names with a maximum of 22 letters / digits.

Now it has been possible for domain name registrars to register domain names with up to 67 characters, including the www and .com or .net or .org extensions. That means that your name text should be a maximum of 59 characters. This gives you tremendous possibilities and an advantage if you are quick and creative. Get more ideas HERE.

Most of the first names registered were soon in short supply, and some domains were later sold at sky high prizes. If you had been the visionary person who had registered, you would have been a wealthy person now. The domain was sold for 1 million dollars! Later other domains have given strong competition to this maximum: was sold for 823.000 dollars, and just sold for $ 5.700.000. This is a bunch of money, compared to the initial investment when the names were first registered !

You do not need to go for that kind of success sales to be successful by register one or a number of new domain names. Look below for ideas of how to construct new domain names, if you are not yet ready to check some of your own ideas. Se below.

Make a check if your ideas for a new domain name are available.

The business of reselling registered domain names is impressive

Take a look here to get an idea of the price level for pre-registered domain names. It tells you, that you have nothing to loose by registering new good domain names, now. Click HERE

Ideas for new domain names

It is obvious to look up domain names which fit to your business as a trademark or the like. But do also think on which kind of words people will use to search for your products or services. Or think of some search words key words you would like them to use to qualify for being good visitors for your website.

You can write them strait, like


Or you can include hyphens to separate the words, like

The hyphens are said to help the search engines to identify the right keywords, and it gives a higher readability. But it is also more complicated for the potential visitor to write.

There is still a lot of possible names and constellations to build your new domain name on, even if you limit yourself to the 23 letters/digits.

With the acceptance of up to 63 letters you will get many more changes to use sentences and slogans, or a number of important keywords to catch your potential visitors, by a high position in the search engines.

Here are some words to use in combination with your real important keywords: - Have a look on a more systematic list, check HERE




























If you need good ideas about marketing your website click HERE (All Marketing Tips)


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